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Separate yourself from the competition 


Bring in high-quality, high-ticket clients

Get your story told through a credible source


Validate your business and offers


Successfully launch a business


Build momentum for your business 

Feel like a VIP 


Drive traffic to your website 


Boost your reputation

Why you need publicity 

8-Week Bootcamp 

The PR Machine Method is an eight-week Done With You Bootcamp.  At the end of the bootcamp, you will have the tools, skill sets, and deliverables necessary to garner your own publicity. Additionally, you will have unlimited one-on-one coaching by award-winning and veteran PR Pro, Ron Watt Jr., and access to our private messaging platform (although you can always use Facebook Messenger.)  NOTE: This is not a pre-recorded module-based system. You will be working hand-in-hand with Ron on the following five pillars. 

Five Pillars of Excellence

You'll be learning the PR Machine Method, which is based on Five Pillars of Excellence Ron Watt Jr. has honed for nearly thirty years, including Messaging, Research, Pitching, Placing, and Amplifying. 

Pillar 1 - MESSAGING

Messaging is everything. It's the foundation of any successful PR program. You'll learn how to craft unique, media-worthy key messages and supporting proof points that will serve as the basis of your PR outreach. 

Week 1

Deliverables: three custom messages with nine supporting proof points

Pillar 2 -

Knowing which media to contact is one half of the puzzle. You need to understand what journalists are already writing about your topic. Learn how to identify and research media to optimize your pitching.

Weeks 2-3

Deliverable: custom target media list

Pillar 3 -

Pitching is the most important action for any PR program. But there are right ways and wrong ways how to pitch media. Learn how to optimize your pitches so they lead to placements. 

Weeks 4-5

Deliverables: 20 unique pitches

Pillar 4 -

After you have gotten bites from media you'll need to know how to successfully place an article or television appearance. You'll be trained how to speak with the media for your interview or television appearance. 

Weeks 6-7

Deliverables: One bylined article, one press release, media training

Pillar 5 -

Once you've received your story placement your job isn't over. Now comes the really fun part: amplifying your coverage to social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Week 8

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